Ceramic and pottery lesson in English in Tokyo

Ceramic and Pottery Class Tuition and Fee

Trial lesson fee

● Cost:¥3500 + Firing fee(+tax) (about ¥1000 for rice bowl)

● Number of works: Unlimited (Free Size)

● Duration of class: 1 hour

● Extention of time is available. Each hour costs ¥1500

● Three lessons Ticket
If you wish to do the whole process of throwing, trimming and glazing by yourself and make a ORIGINAL work, then we recommend the cheap 3 lessons coupon (¥9,000 +tax).

Cancellation fee

In case of cancellation or rescheduling of trial class, please let us to know 8days before reservation time.
>>2-7 days before reservation: 30% of basic fee
>>1 day before reservation: 50% of basic fee
>>The same day of reservation : 100% of basic fee

Members fee

1-Registration Fee: ¥8,000 (50% off if you register at the end of the first class)

2-Monthly Fee

Number of classes in a month

1 class per month

2 classes per month

3 classes per month

4 classes per month

5 classes per month

6 classes per month

6 or more classes per month*

3month Course

¥22,500 ¥30,600 ¥37,200 ¥41,700 ¥45,000 Each class costs ¥2,500

6month course

¥42,530 ¥57830 ¥70,308 ¥78,820 ¥85,050 Each class costs ¥2,500
12month course ¥82,530 ¥112,240 ¥136,450 ¥152,960 ¥165,060 Each class costs ¥2,500

6seasons valid for 6month


*All prices exclude sales tax (8%)
*If you take 6 or more classes per month, the class fee is ¥2,500
3-Firing Fee: the firing fee varies according the the size of your works – Height × Width × Depth × 0.8 = ¥[x] (c. ¥1000 for a rice bowl)

● Material Fee: Free
Tools,Glazes,pigments and clay are free of charge!

● The duration of classes for members is two times 1 hour trial classes (total 2 hours), and the firing fee is 50% OFF in comparison with the trial classes.

● We have some special discounts for groups more than 5 and family discounts. For more information please give us a call or send us an email.

● Payment: We accept Japanese Yen and VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.