Online Japanese Beginner Hand-Building Course

I don’t have time what should I do? I want a new hobby but don’t have time? I am looking for something to spend my time on? want to learn a new craft?  The Japanese beginner Hand-building course is an easy to understand online pottery class. It teaches the fundamentals of ceramic hand building to anyone anywhere in the comforts of their own home. The entire process takes around 30 days, and is offered to anyone currently living in Japan. The goal is to show how accessible the ceramic process is to create your own handmade pottery at home. If you have no time but want to pick up a new hobby you have found the right pottery class to take. Ceramic art is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives that is often grazed over. By taking this hand building class it will give you a tremendous amount of insight among the pottery that surrounds you in your daily life.

It starts off with an online reservation, which can be made on the Uzumako Ceramic School website. We then send out a package, to your desired address which contains all the materials needed for our class to the registered students. Once the materials are received, after the following week, we then host an online meeting using the google meet server, unless you chose to register on a different platform. The class will be held online for one hour. During this hour we explain everything about the ceramic process, technicalities of making  and how to safely package it in order to send back to us.

Upon receiving the work we make sure that is has arrived safely, and fix anything that needs tweaking and safely dry it in preparation for its first firing(Bisque).  For Online class we offer three kinds of glazes which are pink, Green( Hiwa traditional Japanese glaze) and clear. Inside your package you can find the test pieces, and you pick one which we will glaze for  you.  After the first firing(bisque Firing) we glaze and fire it again, this can take up to three weeks depending on how packed the kiln space is. Once it is fired and completed we immediately ship it out back to your address the day of.

Reserve online pottery class- Ship out ceramic materials- Online class meeting via zoom or google meet- One hour ceramic pottery lesson- Send back to ceramic studio- bisque firing- glaze firing-send back out to your home.