Do ceramic and pottery in english in Tokyo 英語で陶芸

Do not miss enjoying of  Japanese ceramics and pottery when traveling in Japan.

If you would like to do ceramic and pottery in Tokyo and have a problem with Japanese language,Uzumako Ceramic Art School open the  pottery class in English.

pottery class in Tokyo

The pottery classes are available in English for English speakers and for Japanese upon request.

Even if you are beginner and first time to do pottery, teachers supports you to make a cup,bowl,and small table wares.

A wide variety of glazes are made by teachers and available for trial course.It takes around tree weeks to fire the work in the electric kiln.
Around 13kind of under-glaze colors are available for drawing and decoration.
Uzumako Ceramic art school is located just around 6min from Mita station,Mita line in minato ku ,Tokyo.

JR Yamano Line ,Tamachi Station,West Exit, 9Min Walk.
Tokyo Metro, Mita Line, Mita Station, Exit A8, 6Min Walk.
Tokyo Metro, Oedo line, Akabanebashi Station, 6Min walk.

Please don’t hesitate and contact us if you have any request or questions.