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Ceramic and pottery lesson in English in Tokyo!

Short Term Course

Short term Japanese pottery course

This is a very intensive course that introduces Japanese pottery making techniques and is suitable for people who want to learn about the pottery production process during a short trip in Japan. We teach Japanese techniques for wheel throwing, hand-building, glazing, and firing.
Each class is for 2 hours and If you would like to take time unlimited 6classes and more please take this course.
Students are also exposed to a variety of tools and materials.
Students are not restricted to one class per day – please feel free to take multiple classes in a day.
If you are traveling in Japan for a relatively short time, we recommend joining our pottery course at the beginning of your trip to Japan as it takes c. 3 or 4 weeks to complete a piece. For those who are very pressed for time, we offer express firing services so the process can be completed within 7 days – shipping is also available, but with additional charges.

The duration of the short term course is not fixed and can be extended according to your availability. We open everyday from 10am to 8pm. Each class runs for two hours and starts at either 10am, 1:30pm, 4pm, or 6pm.

Online registration

I you would like to directly register and start the members class, you don’t need to take trial class.There is a 5o% off of registration fee if you do register without taking trial class and online.
Please book and pay only the non-refundable Registration Fee of JPY4,400(including tax) by credit card to confirm the reservation and pay the classes fee on the day at school.(Registration fee is not included the first class fee.)

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About Fees

1-Registration Fee: ¥8,000 (50% off if you register at the  first class or do online registration)

2-Monthly Fee


Number of classes
12times 13 or more classes*
3month Course ¥22,500 ¥30,600 ¥37,200 Each class costs ¥3,000
Short term(more than 6 classes in unlimited time within 2days to 3monthes) Each class costs ¥3,750
*All prices exclude sales tax (10%)
*If you take 6 or more classes per month(18classes within 3 months), each class fee is ¥3,000

3-Firing Fee: the firing fee varies according the the size of your works – Height × Width × Depth × 0.8(㎝) = ¥[x] (c. ¥1000 for a rice bowl)

About the School


Everyday → 10:00am to 8:00pm
(open on National holidays and Summer holidays)

Class Slots

Duration of each class:2hours
Hours: 10am-12pm / 1:30pm-3:30pm / 4pm-6pm / 6pm-8pm
Note that class times are flexible – you don’t have to follow a fixed schedule every week.

English pottery classes

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
There are three instructors who can teach in English.

Number of works students can make in classes

Unlimited (firing fees apply to each work)


Shipping is available for overseas customers. We use the Japanese international EMS posting service.

Firing fee

The firing fee is your work’s size, Height × Width × Diameter(㎝) × 0.8 (about ¥1000 for a rice bowl)


The monthly fee is payable at the beginning of each course and we accept Japanese Yen and VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.
for more questions please check Here

Rescheduling Classes

Rescheduling classes is permitted if time slots are available. Please take the number of classes you have registered and paid for per month as we do not refund money paid for the classes that have not been taken.

What you have access to after joining as a member

We provide all materials (including tools, clay and aprons) so you do not need to bring anything to class. Feel free to bring your own tools and aprons but please take your belongings home after each lesson as we do not have locker facilities for you to store your belongings.

About Courses

Pottery Wheel Course


Learning to use the potter’s wheel takes patience, practice and focus. It is also super-relaxing and rewarding.
If you are a total beginner, we will sit with you for an hour or two of lessons for your first few visits. After that, people typically find their feet a bit and want to work on their own with occasional advice, troubleshooting, demonstrations of new forms, or rescue missions. There are three instructors here who can help you as much as you want. You’ll make a few wobbly small bowls, plates or cups on your first couple of visits, but as you get better control you will begin to create your favorite forms.
For intermediate and advanced potters, we’re here when you need us for technical advice, aesthetic opinions, or learning new forms. We also aren’t shy with challenging you to explore new directions like altering forms, advanced surface treatments, construction of more complex works, etc.

Hand-building Course


Hand-building, or sculpture, is the other way of working with clay.
The basic techniques are easier to learn and the range of forms you can produce is much broader.
If you are interested in clay, but aren’t sure the wheel is for you, think about hand-building.
For the beginner, you will be surprised how easy it is to begin making nice functional ware or artworks on your very first day in less than 30 minutes!
Please book and pay only the Registration Fee by credit card to confirm the reservation and pay the classes fee on the day at school.
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