Annual Japanese wood firing kiln event

Annual Japanese wood firing kiln event 2022


2022 Oct6th-Oct9th


Mashiko tougei club (Tochigi prefecture, about 2hours by car or train from Tokyo)


Uzumako Ceramic art school students and nonmembers who are interested of Japanese wood firing

Detailed schedule

Loading the kiln: Thursday 6th November from 10am to 6pm
Raku firing: Saturday 8th October from 1pm-4pm (BBQ after Raku firing)
Unloading the kiln: Friday 14th Oct from 10am to 4pm
Works presentation: Saturday 15th Oct from 4pm to 7pm in a rental space close to school


Please fill the application form by Sep15th.
Submission of the works: The bisque fired works must be at school by Sep25th.


There are some options for participation:
①Only participate the work(s)
☆You need to just make the works.We will bisque them and load into the wood firing kiln.The clay must be high temperature clay(1300℃)

②Personally participate with work(s)
We will fire the kiln whole 3days with about 25 person in 3 groups by turn. Please let us to know if you would like to personally participate the firing.
☆BBQ is available on Saturday 8th from 6pm!
Number of works: Unlimited (required firing fee about 1300 Yen for a rice bowl)
Application form:please fill the application form and let us for participation.

Participation fee

☆6000 Yen(only participating works )
☆5000Yen (personally participation)
Accommodation: 4500Yen (each night at Mashiko tougei club). this is optional. You can reserve the inn by yourself.
Firing Fee: Your works Size×1.2=…Yen(about 1400 Yen for a rice bowl)

Things to keep in mind when making your works

1) Deadline: The works need to be completed by  Sep25th 2022 because we need time to bisque fired the works and send them to Mashiko.
2) Duration: We will load the kiln on Thursday 6th October and the wood firing is a continuous process that lasts until Sunday 9th Oct.
3) Clay: we recommend using white clay at school because red and black clay tends to warp and deform during the firing process. The temperature of the kiln is about 1300℃ for 48hours.
4) Dimensions: Make sure the rim of the foot is at least 7mm thick (thin rims mat break when we unload the kiln). If the foot is very wide, make sure you make multiple rims of different size to ensure the work doesn’t collapse in the middle.
for more information please contact us :

Samples of works

☆2015 Wood firing works and pictures
☆2018wood firing works and pictures