Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for trial course

What are some tips for beginners?

1. Wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty – we provide aprons but please wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. You will be working with white stoneware clay that can easily be washed off (similar to mud).
2. Allocate time for cleaning up – working with clay and water is naturally messy. The last 10 to 15 minutes of the class is allocated for cleaning

How many pieces can I make in a trial class?

The class runs for an hour and you can make as many pieces as you like (students typically make 2 to 3 pieces). Please choose the works that you wish to keep at the end of the lesson.

How is the fee calculated for the trial class?

The fee is comprised of a basic fee of JPY3,500 and a firing fee of c. JPY1,000. Note that the firing fee may vary depending on the size and the number pieces to be fired.
The trial course (3 classes) is JPY9,000, which translates to a JPY500 discount per class.

When should I pay the fee and what are the payment options?

The total fee is to be paid by the end of the first class. We accept Japanese Yen and the following credit cards: VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and MASTER CARD.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule a class, please let us to know at least 8 days in advance. Failure to notify us before the required time will result in the following penalties:
>> 2 – 7days before booked time: 30% of basic fee
>> 1 day before booked time: 50% of basic fee
>> The same day as the booked time: 100% of basic fee

How long would it take to have the pieces finished and get ready to collect?

It takes at most 4weeks to fire the works.
however there is Express firing which can fire the works in 4days after making the works.
Express firing fee:
>4-7 days 6000 Yen
>8-14 days 4000 Yen
>15-20 days 2000 Yen
>21 and more 0 Yen

How do I get to Uzumako Ceramic Art School?

To see the location map for and directions to Uzumako Ceramic Art School, please click this link

Do you have photos of works made by students who joined the trial lessons?

To see samples of trial class pottery works please click this link

What is the pottery making process?

①Making a piece (first class)
②Trimming the piece (within 3 weeks after first class)
③Glazing and painting (within 1month after second class)

There are trial class options that cover either 1, 2, or all 3 steps of the pottery making process. Please check this link for more information.

What is the firing fee for?

The firing fee is the fee charged for our firing services (both bisque and glaze firing) and includes costs of materials used during the pottery production process.
The firing fee is calculated as Height×Width×Depth(㎝)×1.5=¥[x] (c. ¥1,000 for a rice bowl)

Do you have free internet connection?

Free WIFI is available. Please ask our staff for the log-in details.

What is the maximum capacity for the trial course?

We have 7 electric wheels and two tables for hand-building and sculpting. The maximum capacity of our studio is 17+10 people in two rooms.

We accept full bookings for birthday parties, groups, and private events.

Are your glazes and ceramic pieces food-safe?

Both our clay and glazes are food-safe.

FAQ for longer term courses and Members

Do you have short term and intensive pottery course?

We offer short term Japanese pottery courses for 2days and more. Please check this link for more information.

How many classes can I take in each day?

Students are not restricted to one class per day – please feel free to take multiple classes in a day.
The classes are for two hours and starts 10am,1:30pm, 4pm and 6pm.

Does one need to do trial classes before registration or that is optional?

It is optional.You can directly register and start the classes with 50 % discount of registration fee.(4400 Yen)

Does the course involve both electric wheel and hand bending or one of them?

Yes, You can shift the courses any time but for learning the basics we recommend to focus on each course at the beginning.