Recruitment for pottery and ceramic instructors in Tokyo and Yokohama

Pottery and ceramic job in Tokyo

We are recruiting for pottery and ceramic instructors at Piale art of Uzumako Pottery Studio in Tokyo and Darun pottery Studio in Yokohama.

Prior pottery and ceramic experience and English / Japanese language skills are desired but we are still interested in hearing from you even if you do not have experience teaching pottery and you’re still in the process of learning Japanese.

Current opportunities

(1) Part-time instructor (classes to be held in Japanese)
(2) Part-time instructor (classes to be held in English and Japanese)
(3) Assistant (Help us whatever you can and take ceramic classes instead)
We welcome applications from people (not strictly Japanese – e.g. International students are welcome to apply) who have experience working in a pottery studio, studied ceramics, and are bilingual in Japanese and English.
If you have experience with the potter’s wheel and hand-building techniques, please apply even if you do not have formal educational qualifications in ceramics.

Employment terms

2 days a week and more(Operating hours 10:00~19:00)
Period:Minimum of one year
Salary expectation:JPY1200~(Training period JPY1000)※ We will take your skills (language / pottery) into consideration when determining your pay.
Job scope:Teaching pottery classes、other ad hoc tasks associated with running a pottery studio (e.g. glazing, trimming, mixing glazes, wedging clay)、business trips、simple office admin tasks etc.

Requirements for job

(Age,gender and nationality are not important factors)
(1)Pottery tasks(glazing、loading kilns、unloading kilns)
(2)Potter’s wheel(forming and trimming)
(3)Hand-building (forming)
(4)Enjoys communicating with students / customers
(5)Bilingual language abilities (English and Japanese)

Selection screening

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email or call us – we will contact you to arrange for a day and time for an interview at our studio.
Things to bring to the interview:CV、Portfolio
We will be asking you to complete the following tasks on the electric wheel as part of the screening process during the latter half of the interview:
(1)Form a 30cm (height) cylinder form〈Time limit: 10 minutes〉
(2)Make five small bowls 〈Time limit: 10 minutes〉

About Uzumako Pottery Studio

The main branch is a small and cozy pottery studio situated near Keio University and Tokyo Tower.(Access)
The closest station is Tamachi on JR Yamanote Line.
One another branch is in Yokohama which is 40min by train from Tamachi station.
The closest station is Yamate station on JR Keihin Tohoku line.

Staff perks / benefits

You are most welcome to make your own works or practice wheel throwing / hand-building at our studio on your days off.
You can use the tools and raw materials at our studio free of charge. You’ll need to pay for firing but you will enjoy generous staff discounts.
We also arrange an off-site staff trip, a staff and members exhibition, and a wood firing and Rauk firing event every year.

How to apply

1-Please send us an email and let us to know your request.
2-We will send you the question form to fill it out.
3-interview at Uzumako ceramic art school.