Online Pottery Hand-building Course

Online Pottery Lesson

Hand-building Course

About Lesson

An online Lesson where you can make a plate out of ceramic, and create Japanese style hand-made pottery at home

Let’s make a plate using clay!
A pottery course you can take without going to a studio! You can create pottery at home!

We can send the necessary tools straight to your address, and you can learn how to make pottery at home with our lessons online!
When your work is completed, you can send it to our classroom in Tokyo, and we will deliver the fired products directly to you at a later date.
It will take us about Four weeks (Shipping included) to fully fire, and send your finished pieces, if you are based in Japan.
In order for us to send you the ceramic kit please make a reservation with us 7 days before your desired date.

About Glaze

Please select one glaze from the 3 options.


Step by Step Explanation


Please select a date and apply.

2.You will receive a Japanese hand-building experience kit

When you receive the Japanese hand-building experience kit from the classroom, please check the contents inside.

3.Hand-building Course

Hand-building Course online

4.Ship to the classroom

Ship to the classroom


It will take about 3 weeks to Fire.

6.Delivery to customers

The finished work will be sent as soon as it is out of the kiln.

Contents of Hand-building Kit

Lesson Details

Tuition fee6,000 yen / per person (Shipping to Kanto area)
7,000 yen / per person (Shipping to outside of Kanto area)
What is included in the tuition fee■Japanese Hand-Building Experience kit rental
■Clay 500g
■Firing for one plate
■Shipping (3 times)
Start dateWeekdays ( 10:00~、13:30~、16:00~ )
Classes will be held using google meet
Production timeApproximately one and a half hours
lesson 1 hour
[Before lesson] About 15 minutes, we will check the environment settings.
[After the lesson] We will explain how to return the work.
Applications and software usedWe use google meet to give lessons.
If you have a google account, you can log in to use it.
You can connect from your PC as it is from your browser.
For smartphones and tablets, you need to download the app in advance. * If you would like to use ZOOM, another app, or software, please write your preference in the remarks column when making a reservation.
Things to prepare at home1. Electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.  in order to watch lessons.
2. Aprons
3. A bowl filled with water
4. Newspaper (lay it down so that your table does not get dirty)